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Promoting and increasing awareness of the foundation concept

The purpose of the association is to promote and increase awareness of the foundation concept, in particular of the possibilities and benefits of non-profit foundations in Liechtenstein.

As means to achieving this purpose, there are plans to build a network of non-profit foundations, exercise political influence to promote the concept of the foundation in general and promote the issue of charitable causes in general via collaboration between various non-profit foundations. Interests will also be represented towards the authorities and supported in general by public relations work.


Organisation within the foundation system

The association fosters collaboration with other organisations in the foundation system and can provide or broker services for non-profit foundations.


Boosting the reputation of the financial centre

Vereinigung liechtensteinischer gemeinnütziger Stiftungen e. V. does not see itself as a competitor of existing professional organisations, but would like to promote improved national and international networking by non-profit foundations in Liechtenstein by means of intensified collaboration. Non-profit foundations make a significant contribution to the reputation of the principality as a financial centre.


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