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Requirements for membership
Membership of the association is open to non-profit foundations under Liechtenstein law that are based in Liechtenstein, are exclusively and irrevocably non-profit, have their own assets, use these assets and any income earned on them for non-profit purposes, have appointed an auditing body in accordance with foundation law, and are not fundamentally dependent on donations or collections for their activities.

The general meeting decides, at the request of the committee, on the admission of members and associated partners. 

Associated partners

Non-profit foundations under Liechtenstein law that do not meet the requirements for membership or for other reasons do not wish to become a member, can still benefit by becoming an associated partner, which will enable them to attend events and benefit from services and training. They have no active or passive voting rights, and are not considered members of the association from a legal perspective.


Subscription fees for members and associated partners

Subscription fees were defined as follows at the inaugural general meeting on 15 December 2010:

  • One-off joining fee for members and associated partners: CHF 5,000
  • Annual subscription fee for members and associated partners: CHF 1,000

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